On Wednesday evening, September 6, the final of the beauty contest Miss Ukraine 2017 was held in the Kiev Palace of Ukraine.

For the first appearance on the stage by the contestants, the Lukashyk brand prepared dresses that were made by hand according to the author’s sketches of the owner of the brand and designer Katherine Lukashyk herself.

Luxurious dress made of expensive Italian fabric left no one indifferent. These dresses caused delight among the audience in the hall and on the other side of the television screens.

Even on a summer autumn evening, the guests of the show were the first to know the name of the girl who will become the “face” of our country and will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious international beauty contest “Miss World” among the beauties from more than 120 countries of the world it was Polina Tkach.

The beauty contest “Miss World 2017” will be held on November 18 in China, the live broadcast of which is watched by over 2 billion people every year. In addition to the honorary title of “Miss Ukraine”, two more girls became owners of at least honorary titles – Miss Ukraine International 2017 and Miss Ukraine Earth 2017.