Dresses from the brand LUKASHYK on the stage of the main beauty contest in our country "Miss Ukraine 2018"

We are proud of the fruitful cooperation with the Committee of the contest “Miss Ukraine”.

We have created an amazing and elegant collection specially for first going on stage, participants of the contest “Miss Ukraine 2018” . The collection consisted of 25 unique dresses. Worked on a team of professional artists led by designer Katherine Lukashyk.

The compilation was released on modern fashion and gave a rousing atmosphere that reigned in the hall during the release of the girls on stage.

The winner of the contest “Miss Ukraine-2018” was 19-year-old Leonila Guz from Kherson city.

In December Leonila will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious beauty contest “Miss World”. This year it will be held in China on Hainan island. The competition will be attended by more than 120 countries. Who will get the honorary title will be known on December 6th.

And we are proud that our brand will create the final evening gown for Leonila to exit the stage of the beauty contest “Miss World Cup 2018”

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