Presentation of Leonilla Guz’s dresses for the Miss World 2018 competition

On November 1, 2018, the presentation of evening dress and casual wardrobe for Miss World-2018 was held at the gourmet restaurant COIN of the family of Nikolai Tishchenko’s restaurants.

Miss Ukraine-2018 by Leonil Guz will represent our country at the Miss World-2018 Final on December 8 in Sanya, China.

Evening stage dress for “Miss Ukraine – 2018” by Leonila Guz was created by the Ukrainian brand Katherine Lukashyk, which for many years has specialized in sewing exquisite dresses.

The basis of the dress is a corset skirt, for which the craftsmen spent about 500 hours of painstaking handmade work. The basis is a grid with crystal sequins and glitter, which shine and shine when spotlights hit them. The dress is based on 150 meters of the grid, 200 meters of fixing regina and more than 30 meters of the main shiny fabric. Due to the built-in frame sewing corsets, skirt has a clear flower shape and is not deformed when moving.

With the help of such design tricks, the dress looks expressive and most impressive for particularly important events and scenes, it emphasizes charisma, charm and grace.

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